We provide expert advice and direction on all aspects of solid waste management and resource recovery to government and private enterprise. Click here for more information.

Some of the key areas we can advise you on include;

Collection Vehicles – Helping our clients understand the KPI’s and productivity implications of choice in collection vehicle and how to maximise the value of the right vehicle for a particular system. We can also advise on on-board data management systems.

Staff – Staff overheads are a large cost in most businesses and in a mature industry like the waste industry overstaffing, selecting the wrong people and/or not skilling staff appropriately can have dire repercussions for the business. One World can assist in the organisational structure, selection, and training of staff to improve productivity and lead to a happy and safe workforce.

Bin Systems – There are many bin systems available across all areas of the waste industry from a 30m3 hook lift to a 7L kitchen caddy. Depending on the waste type(s), volumes, collection frequency, collection vehicle availability, distance to tip and budget we can assess your existing bin system and advise on the best bin system for the job.

Routing – Optimising your routing can provide huge saving in fuel, time and staffing. In helping you determine the best routes and days for collection you will put money on your bottom line. There are a number of GPS and software applications available to assist in mapping that we can introduce you to.

Workplace Health & Safety – In the waste industry workers are often driving out on the road in the public operating heavy equipment, physically processing waste, or attending landfill and transfer stations sites. Identifying and taking action to minimise or remove the risks these sites or activities pose is an important facet of maintaining a healthy and safe workforce. All of these areas usually involve some interaction with the public which further emphasises the need to be safety conscious. We can help assess and design sites to minimise risks to WHS and assist you in the development of policy, procedure and assessment tools for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on your WHS activities.

Transfer Station Design & Operation – The One World team have experience in a variety of different transfer station designs and functions from large metropolitan operations to small and remote country applications. We can assist in all areas of planning and development for compliance and function, operations, plant and equipment, staffing, pricing and community engagement.

Hard Refuse (Waste) Collection – We can provide advice on ‘at call’ and ‘campaign’ style systems.

The Handling/Processing of Recovered Materials – Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) design & operation, dry recycling handling and management, green organics processing, food waste collection systems for commercial and domestic applications.

Hazardous Waste & Asbestos – We can work with you to handle these difficult items of waste and the specific considerations that apply to them.

Landfill Design, Operation & Closure – Planning to establish a landfill or expanding on an existing landfill can be a difficult task. It begins with successfully achieving all of the necessary approvals to get construction underway but it is the day to day operations that can either make or break a landfill operation. Managing the tipping face, daily cover, litter and compaction can mean the difference between a well-functioning landfill and an environmental or financial disaster. One World specialise in landfill operations in rural and remote areas.

Legislative & Regulation Compliance – Our team can both advise on the development of legislation and regulation activities as well as interpret the implications of legislation and compliance on all aspects of solid waste management.

Government Policy – We have advised government both here and overseas on policy instruments and their practical implications as they relate to waste management. Likewise, we can advise organisations on how government policy will affect them and their operations.