Waste Management & Resource Recovery Consulting

We provide expert advice and direction on all aspects of solid waste management and resource recovery to government and private enterprise. Click here for more.

Product Sales and Development Consulting

If you or your company require industry specific knowledge in the development of products for the waste and recycling industry or advice that can help you target your sales efforts we can assist you. Click here for more.

Stakeholder Engagement and Education

You can have the best technology, equipment, plans and policies in waste management and resource recovery but if you don’t get buy-in from your organisation and/or the community you may not get any results. Click here for more.

Financial Estimates, Tenders & Contracts

The bottom line. For a prospective tenderer this can make the difference between a job being worth while or not. If you are putting a job out to tender knowledge of what it should cost to do the job is vital for the evaluation process. Click here for more.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are a private organisation, not for profit or government entity the strategic plan is an important guiding document for the future directions for the organisation. Click here for more.


Good data provides the basis for good decision making. The waste audit provides hard, tangible data about waste output. Click here for more.