AKM 2The Aussie Kitchen Mate™ is a waste food organics bin designed to be located in the kitchen as a fuss-free way of moving the organic component of the waste stream into the green organics wheelie bin. This cost effective solution which helps enrich existing domestically collected green organics for compost is not only great for the environment but handy in the kitchen too, and best of all it has been designed, tooled and manufactured right here in South Australia.

One World Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd has worked alongside composters, collector companies and Local Government to create this outstanding product.

Our people have a detailed understanding of the variety food organics collection systems both locally and around the world. By incorporating this knowledge in the design of the Aussie Kitchen Mate we have been able to include quite a number of important features; these are:-

  • Capacity – 7.2 litres Approx
  • Portability – includes a quality handle with a large grip to assist persons who are frail and elderly to handle the bin with ease
  • A good seal – flush sealing keeps out flies and midges and keeps odours in where they belong
  • Clear purpose – the use is obvious especially with the imprinted visual cues on the lid
  • Aesthetics – suits well and is unobtrusive in any kitchen and can be supplied in your choice of a wide variety of colours accommodating you/your clients preferences
  • The bin can be customised allowing the capacity for local input into aspects of presentation (Council, yourselves, other involved parties) such as Council Logo, Composters logo and so on



The container has the following specifications/features:

  • Approx Dimensions: 290mm W x 225mm D x 205mm H
  • Capacity 7.2 litres approx
  • 500 grams HDPE solid construction
  • Lid clips open at vertical for user convenience in the kitchen
  • Throw back hinged lid
  • 360 degree double rim closure
  • Quality large grip handle for ease of use
  • Made locally in Adelaide
  • Lower carbon footprint than imported products
  • Additional supplies easily obtained
  • Mould made and owned locally


The product is made from Polypropylene of the best quality with tooling producing a superior product. Baskets are manufactured using a combination of both virgin and recycled material.


We can arrange distribution to the householder to the householder should you wish. The basket is easily assembled by the individuals doing the distribution or can be pre-assembled at the point of production.

Information Materials

It is important to communicate to the resident how to use the bin and what happens to the contents in a clear and concise way. As an example, the introductory information booklet that is supplied with the baskets for NAWMA residents can be viewed below. Note that the baskets being supplied to NAWMA are accompanied with a sticker to place on the front of the basket detailing what can and can’t be placed in the basket as well as this booklet.

Click to see booklet